my prayer…

Dear God, help us to remember that we were made in Your image, and that that image is one of beauty and love.  When times get hard, remind us how much you love us and that we can do all things through Your Son who strengthens us.  Help us to always see ourselves as beautiful, no matter our current and ever evolving state.  Please help us with discipline and fortitude to continue to work hard to realize our goals and dreams.  Thank you in advance for helping us overcome unhealthy/unwanted habits, that hinder us from being our best self.  I pray for peace and love in each and every one of our lives.  Help us to be self-aware and self-correcting.  When we have bad days, remind us that we are still breathing, so we have another chance to get it right.  Help us not to compare our journey to anyone else's, and to encourage each other and ourselves along the way.  

In Jesus' name I pray,