on exercise:: to thine own self be true

on exercise:: to thine own self be true

originally published on December 9, 2015

this morning, i got up at 5am, as planned (hallelu) and started my morning routine and realized, 'oh shoot my headphones aren't charged!"  my husband will laugh at this, because he knows that means there was no way i was heading to the gym without them.  

i know that may sound SUPER CRAY to some of you and kind of like a cop out, but trust me it's so not.  

over the years i have learned a few things about myself when it comes to exercise, one of which is that i have horrible workouts when i don't have music; specifically my hand crafted playlists.  singing while i work out - okay so real mouthing the words - not only helps me make sure i am breathing, but it gets me so hype.  remember when i told you that my mantra too cute to be fat gets me through the last mile...well that's not entirely true.  it's also that song.  which song?  well actually pretty much any song that is on my workout playlist at the moment.  

i learned the hard way about doing this thing the way other people do it.  it became crystal clear that in order for me to work this thing, i needed to do things a particular way, and that was my way.  

my way - 

1. i need, gotta have, can't function properly without music

2. i don't particularly enjoy working out in groups* or with anyone, except the person assisting in my training efforts; and i prefer that not be someone i love because i don't want to consistently threaten to punch them in the face when i get frustrated, tired, or aggravated. 

3. early workouts are my fave, but i can get with a late workout when i have to (like tonight i will be at the gym to lift once my headphones charge)

4. i don't really like stuff touching my neck, so i cut many of my shirts for workouts. 

5. i like to sweat - a lot, so i ride home with no air conditioning and the windows up all the way home...bwahhahahhahaha...it's psychological - i feel accomplished and i want my hubby to see how hard i worked...lol

okay- so that last one was for comedic relief, but you get the point.  you have to do what works for you.  i am not saying don't step out of your comfort zone.  because in order to be successful we have to venture into the unknown, often. but also understand that it is not wrong to want certain things in place during your workouts in order to push harder, train better, and keep going.  whatever works for you that is safe and effective, do that, and do it often.  

in life, in general music fires me up; so it would only be fitting that it be a large component of what gets my through my workout.  but i wanna know what fires you up?  what do you do to get that last set in, or finish up your killer run?  please share with me!!! i would love to hear from you!

in optimal health and love,

Talia Felicia

*although i don't necessarily enjoy group fitness, i will give zumba a try again, or find a hip hop class, cause i do love to dance- see stepping out of comfort zone. 

also this is a pic of my workout from this morning, just to get the blood flowing.  i will hit the gym tonight though so i don't mess up my weight training schedule for the week.