Talia Rogers

getting to know talia felicia :: video

Talia Rogers
getting to know talia felicia :: video

originally published September 5, 2016

hey friends!  i finally posted my first youtube video!! i can't even begin to tell you he angst i had in sharing this video.  lol... this whole thing sounded like a good idea when i started, but then after i hit publish, i was like..."oh em gee! what did i just do?!?!"  if you haven't yet,  you can read about how I started my journey here.

here is my little disclaimer regarding this first vid...lol

This is my very first You Tube Video.

I want to share my story of how Christ is helping me through my weight loss journey, through the lens of faith, fashion and fitness.
I love Jesus.  I hope that through everything you all can see my heart for Him in what I do.

Disclaimer - I almost didn't post this video because there where a few things that I didn't like and I won't explain them all here...lol.  Just know that when I recorded this, the timing was really random (July 31, 2016).  We were heading to Orlando in a few minutes; I walked in the office to open my blinds and I was like "girl, that's some good light, just record something...lol!" And that is how this first video was born.

Believe me, I have been praying about how to come to you all, what God wants me to say and how He wants me to communicate it.  I am me, and he uses us the way we are.  

With that being said, excuse the excessive eye movement (I am a creative, so I talk with my eyes and visualize in my head a lot), excessive dry mouth (i.e. lip smacking) and choppy transitions (this is the first video I have ever edited).
Show your girl some grace, it is the first one.  I will not do all this explaining henceforth, but hey...we're getting to know each other, and I must be honest, I was super apprehensive about putting it out.  But I can't do what the Lord tells me to do being afraid; so here goes! I hope it blesses you.  And you can laugh, cause I laughed at myself every time I watched it.  

God bless you all.  I love you,  I am praying for you and Jesus loves you most!

Now what you have been waiting for ..... https://youtu.be/5VHVvI1p-44