secure:: in my insecurities :: RELOADED

Hey friends!!!

I am running this one back, because I think it is worth it. But this time with a little twist!

Last week on the blog, I talked about body insecurity and got real about working to overcome it.

This week, I am sharing a little more and some behind the scenes deets about my little photo shoot.

We’ll also chat about showing up authentically at all times, concerning style.

Do you show up authentically in your style 100% of the time, or do you feel the need to ‘code switch,’ to make others comfortable? Let me know in the comments!!

Love yall!


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Talia Blog 2 Details 31319.jpg

style deets

Dress :: Old Navy

Baubles :: Henri Bendel and Nordstrom Rack

Shoes :: Vince Camuto