secure:: in my insecurities

Wheeeeeeeewwwww chile! We all have them. Admit it, you know you do!

Honestly, I don’t give my insecurities much thought, until I do. You know what I mean? There those that obsessed about their bodies and what they want to improve; and then there is me. Naked I am completely unbothered; but then I put on clothes and the outfit changes ensue.

Funny enough, I told my doctor the other day that I forget I am overweight until I walk by a mirror. I should have added to that, whenever I wear certain clothes. Part of my issue has been learning what my style is, and what I really like. Followed by learning how to dress myself, for my size. It doesn’t matter your shape. Every man, woman and child needs clothes that actually fit, and fit them properly.

On Style…

So what is my style? hmmmmm, that is tough…not really - BLACK (i LOVE black). I like things that don’t match, patterns, bright colors, avant garde, couture - stuff that doesn’t make sense. Do I dress like that - most times, no..but we’ll get into on another blog…

Style is subjective. I think when it comes to style, I am still evolving. I am learning what I like and don’t like, and what doesn’t like me… Sometimes I hit it spot on…that’s usually what makes it to Instagram. Other times I totally miss the mark and that generally makes Instastories or an IG post at an angle, with a FILTER! Who am I kidding? Chile, I love a filter. I have been quoted saying “I wish I could walk around with a filter over my daily life!” Ha ha ha! I digress.

In real life I am working to be fashionable for my body type, and show up as my authentic self as I love myself during my weight loss journey.

See, I had to stop wishing that I could dress like and have the confidence of the plus size girls I see on Pinterest, and start actually collecting pieces that worked for me.

Okaaaaaayyyy so here is the other issue - as much as I am comfortable in my skin, there times where I just don’t like the way certain parts of me look in photographs. Mainly my arms and my stomach. (ya’ll I really just typed stomach(s) plural, that made me chuckle). I am sharing this because it is all part of loving myself where I am.

Since you all are my internet cousins, and I promised I would keep it all the way real here, I am gonna share all the pictures… Here are the unedited and slightly edited (filtered).

I am cute either way, but I like that the filters hide some of the bumps that the spanx didn’t get :-)

Talia Blog 2 SBS 2 31319.jpg

here’s another one…

Talia Blog 2 SBS 1 31319.jpg

I actually like the pics, but honestly if I had know that the photograph wasn’t going to match how I saw myself before I left the hotel, I probably would not have bothered…and that is just real talk. My social media posts ARE curated. ANNNNNDD I take multiple shots of the same picture. I add filters, crop, color correct to present the best version of myself online. There is nothing wrong with it. However, I can’t get lost in edits. I am a real person, that is really beautiful in God’s eyes, my hub’s eye and my own. Sharing these photos is part of me loving myself through the process.

That is the part that matters, and I hope and pray that you are loving yourself too.

I am gonna go ahead and get on out of here, but I will post the outfit deets at the bottoms, cause that is what bloggers do right? (insert Kanye shrug emoji here).

God bless y’all and I love you much!


Talia Blog 2 Details 31319.jpg

style deets

Dress :: Old Navy

Baubles :: Henri Bendel and Nordstrom Rack

Shoes :: Vince Camuto